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My priorities for Coventry East

Supporting our NHS

The Tory NHS funding squeeze has led to record waiting lists, cancelled operations and thousands of staff vacancies. I will work to ensure waiting lists are tackled, dentistry services are restored and staff are respected.

Warm affordable homes for all

One in five Coventry households is in fuel poverty and the Tory cost of living crisis is out of control. I’ll fight to insulate homes, reduce bills and end homelessness.

A safer Coventry, more police, safer communities

The Tories have cut police and violent crime and traffic offences have soared. I’ll work with partners to cut crime, deliver justice and support victims.

The best start for every child

The Tories have cut the budget of every school in Coventry. I’ll make sure the generation that has missed out because of Covid gets the support they need to succeed, with more specialist teachers, a free breakfast for every primary school child and new technical excellence colleges to break down the barriers to opportunity.

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Why I'm the best candidate for Coventry East


I am a dynamic, local campaigner

I know how to beat the Tories. I will build an inclusive, effective, winning team to fight for every vote and take Labour's message to every doorstep.


I have the experience to deliver

I have a track record of delivering big change as an MP. I'll make sure Coventry is at the front of the queue and we get our fair share of investment.


I'll work for a fairer greener future

I will work to protect our automotive and manufacturing industries, and for investment in skills, and more decent, unionised green jobs.

About Me

Coventry made me. My parents settled here from Ireland,  I was born in the Walsgrave hospital and I grew up during the Thatcher years.

Despite those hard times, my Coventry teachers helped me win a place at Oxford which led to a job in Brussels and then teaching at Cranfield University. Coventry opened my door to opportunity, and a life of public service. That’s why I’m determined to see that people in my home city get the chances that they deserve.

Growing up, I lost friends to knife crime, and I saw how mass unemployment destroys people’s jobs, hopes and dignity. That’s why I joined the Labour Party, over thirty years ago.

I never imagined that I would end up having a role in a Labour Government and getting a CBE from the King! I’ve been a Government Minister, Select Committee Chair and Shadow Cabinet member.

As a Labour MP for 14 years, I helped thousands of constituents with issues from housing to benefits, debt and access to justice. Today, 13 years of Tory chaos have once again left us reeling.

The next Labour government will need MPs who can hit the ground running. People who have seen politics at the highest level. We must rebuild public services, create new green jobs, and tackle climate change.

Coventry East needs a seasoned MP who can bring jobs and investment to our city. Someone with a strong track record as a constituency MP, who can hit the ground running. Who combines local roots with national experience. That’s why I’m asking you to vote for me to be your general election candidate.

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During 30 years campaigning for Labour I have secured

approved to redevelop
local train station
£ 0 m
for a
new hospital
£ 0 m
for a new
performing arts school
£ 0 m
annual Arts Council
funding for local gallery
£ 0

My work has also seen major policy changes


Tory u-turn on plans to
sell off England’s forests


Forced Tories to scrap
plans for above-inflation
train fare rises


Led Labour’s campaign
for UK to pledge
0.7% development aid 


Europe’s first
microplastics ban

A proven track record of delivery

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Privatisation and chaos of Tories’ asylum system allows vast wealth to flow through govt contracts to wealthy individuals.

Under the Tories, more pensioners are:

▪️ In poverty
▪️ Relying on foodbanks
▪️ Taking their pensions early
▪️ Renting into retirement
▪️ Relying on savings just to get by

The Tories still can't say who'll pay for their £46bn national... insurance cut.

The Tories fail pensioners.

@MaryCreagh_ @ITFglobalunion @Tesco @OECD @dotlovell @RuwanSubasinghe @partner_africa @partnerafrica We're now pleased to welcome to @GarethThomasMP, Shadow Minister for International Trade, our next keynote speaker.

Great to hear ⁦@GarethThomasMP⁩ at ⁦@ethicaltrade⁩ Members day at ⁦@Tesco⁩ HQ
set out how Labours better deal with EU will set a framework for better jobs, higher wages and reduced barriers to U.K. trade.

Horrific news from Slovakia this afternoon.

An attack on an elected politician is an assault on democracy.

Wishing Robert Fico a speedy recovery.

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Mary Stands with Ukraine

 On the first anniversary of Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, Mary joined councillors and local people to stand in solidarity with refugees from Ukraine.

She said, “Coventry has a long history as a city of sanctuary and a city of peace. I wanted to show the many Ukrainians who have fled their homeland that we support them in their struggle against Putin’s brutality.”